Our management team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who share a common vision of creating a sustainable future for our planet.

Lydia Owenga Director
Lydia Owenga
Managing Director

Lydia Owenga is a well-seasoned professional with a degree in Business Administration and 12 years experience in the Biogas sector in Kenya. Her vast expertise in Biogas and Waste management has earned her elaborate relations with other partners in the sector in the implementation of different projects in different regions.

Elphas accounts Officer
Elphas Oula
Finance Manger

Elphas Oula-CPAK, is a certified accountant and finance management officer with over 10 years of experience from different institutions. He is keen and passionate about green financing and impact investment.

Veril Ayieko operations Manager
Veril Ayieko
Operations Manager

Veril Ayieko is a graduate with vast experience as well as a series of certification in renewable energy, biomass resources and biogas technology. She has 5 years in the sector in TOT group organization and leadership skills.

Veronica Administrator
Veronica Othieno

Veronica Othieno is a graduate who is an environmental conservation enthusiast and has great passion in renewable and sustainable energy. She has more than 3 years experience in the administrative position in high -level organizations.